40-50 years-old

You are already 40.

The skin of your face showas clearly the signs of your age.

You will see some wrinkles on the forehead, crows feet, flacidity, a marked nasolabial fold, marionette lines…

The process of ageing will accelerate from now on, specially in women after menopause, where the lack of estrogens will increase the loss of collagen.

In between age 40 and 50 you will loose about 20% of the volumeof your face, about 40 o 50 ml or cm3 of collagen, water and tissue.

Therefore you have to supply volume and correct your wrinkles with:

  • Products for relaxing wrinkles
  • LIFTING without surgery or Sculptra
  • LIFT with threads.
  • RECOVERING COLLAGEN with a combination of four procedures: IPL, LASER, MESOTHERAPY AND PRP, one every two and a half months, in what we know as FACIAL REJUVENATION PROGRAM.
  • Supplement diet with omega 6 oils, Collagen, antioxidants.