The combination of
the three therapies cures
more than 91% of
infections after a year


It consists of the inflammation of the SEBACEOUS FOLLICLES. It is different from common ACNE in that glands do not obstruct. In Rosacea, there are red pimples on the most sebaceous areas of the face. People with Rosacea have seasons in which they can be better or worse. Generally they worsen with age. It is very common for these patients to complain from sensitive skin and have redness of the face all too often.


It consists of the redness colour of cheeks and the appearance of many small vessels or ‘telangiectasia’ on the face. It can be due to many different problems such as menopause, sensitive skin, drinking alcohol, dry weather in the mountains or Rosacea among others. For more details you can see this interview:


  • All the derivatives of Vitamin A are called Retinoids because they were first found in the Retina of the eye. Here they form a molecule called Rodopsine, which is used for seeing.
  • Vitamin A is the alcoholic form: RETINOL. A derivative is RETINOIC ACID, (60 times stronger) and an isomer 13-CIS RETINOIC ACID, which is used in the treatment of acne.

Retinoids have the following effects:

  1. Reduce lung cancer risk
  2. Reduce skin cancer risk
  3. Rejuvenate the skin by inducing new collagen type I.
  4. Reduce sebhorrea thus improving Rosacea or dandruff.
  • Retinoids have to be prescribed by a dermatologist and have two downsides: they are teratogenic and can cause irritation on the skin.