Body Aesthetic Medicine

Lifestyle, aging due to the age and aggression of external agents are some of the factors that cause changes in the body.

With the passage of time and the lack of exercise the skin loses collagen and appears wrinkles, lack of volume and sagging. The genetic factor and improper feeding can cause cellulite and over weight.In the Unit of Body Aesthetic Medicine of the De Felipe Dermatology Clinic we are specialists in body treatments without surgery.Our team will realize a study of your body and propose you the most appropriate body treatment and a routine to follow at home to treat cellulite, localized fat, sagging and stretch marks.


Radiofrequency Reaction: It is the only multichannel radio frequency that allows you to choose the depth levels of the treated skin. Visibly improves body contour and firmness and reduces cellulite.

Vella Shape III: Bipolar infrared body radiofrequency, non-invasive. Improves collagen density and skin firmness while treating cellulite and prevents loss of skin density.

Mesotherapy: Through the microinjection of different active ingredients we manage to treat localized areas of the body to reduce stretch marks, cellulite, lose localized fat and firm the skin.

Carboxytherapy: Consists of the injection of carbon dioxide in localized areas of the skin to improve blood supply, regenerates the skin, improves stretch marks, cellulite, firmness and breaks down localized fat.

HOME TREATMENT AND MAINTENANCE You can follow the next recommendations to maximize the effects of treatments and make them more durable: -Drinking 2l of water daily will help you eliminate toxins and fat.- Follow a balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables and proteins, preferably white meat.-Reduce salt intake.- Exercise daily. Walking 45 minutes a day or running 30 minutes will help you stay active and eliminate fats and toxins.- Apply daily anti-cellulite cream, firming or draining in the areas of the body that require it.- Take nutritional supplements rich in collagen.- Perform clinical maintenance treatment sessions monthly.



Radiofrequency Reaction 1 session 90€

Vella Shape III 1 session 90€

Mesotherapy 1 session 90€

Carboxytherapy 1 session 90€

Shockwave 1 session 90€

10 session combined treatment 700€