What is Cryolipolysis?

A treatment for focal soft fat

As mentioned above, Cryolipolysis is indicated in the treatment of focal soft fat. In our body we can find two different kinds of fat:

-Hard Fat: it is the most common type of fat present in men and it is found deep inside our body and abdomen and between our organs.

Soft Fat: It is most common among women, present specially around muscles and hips and is found just underneath the skin. It also helps in the accumulation of water in the tissues. When working in these areas, the swelling and accumulation of water has to be treated previously to cryolipolysis through drainage, presotherapy or radiofrequency. This way the treatment with cryolipolysis will work better and be more efficient.

How does Cryolipolysis destroy fat?

Cryolipolysis uses freezing to destroy fat cells or adipocytes. It is a technique that was first developed in the USA in 2009. Medical studies have revealed that when temperature is reduced adipocytes stop working and become vulnerable. Cell death occurs and the body starts a process of eliminating the fat though the lymphatic system without causing any damage to the rest of the tissues. Adipocytes are limited in number and cannot regenerate so that once eliminated they will not proliferate or grow again.

Fast Results without surgery

Cryolipolysis is a non invasive treatment and becomes an easy and effective alternative to liposuction and lipolaser that avoids the problems and process after surgery.

The technique is also very fast. You can already see visible results starting at 15 days after one session and 6 weeks later you can observe the final result. Once this period of time has elapsed, we can repeat the session as many as 3 or 4 times to obtain the best of the results. As fat cells are organized in layers, the different sessions will eliminate different layers.

The treatment can be done in both men and women over the abdominal fat, the tights, sides or parts of the back.

How is the treatment done?

The session of cryolipolysis is performed with the application of a special device to treat a specific area with suction and cold temperature.

The first step of the process is the application of a membrane over the skin to protect it from the cold temperature. Overlying this the applicator starts sucking and cooling the skin. Once suction makes the skin adhere to the surface of the applicator, the temperature starts to lower down in between 2ºC and -8ºC, The freexing effect is local,

Before starting with the treatment, a medical consultation is done to evaluate the kind of fat to be treated to assert the patient whether this is the most suitable procedure for him or her.

Discomfort and Post-Treatment

The session of cryolipolysis is not painful. The only feeling being the discomfort by the suction of the applicator. After the session we can start our daily routine and plans. Our skin might show some redness or bruising that disappear soon. It is highly recommended to associate regular exercise and diet.


How does it cost? Price Second session 50% disc.
1 session (2 areas) of Cryolipolysis + 1 session of shock waves
440€ 200€ 100€
2 sessions (4 areas) of Cryolipolysis + 1 session of shock waves
790€ 400€ 200€
3 sessions (6 areas) of Cryolipolysis + 1 session of shock waves
1.090€ 600€ 300€
4 sessions (2 areas) of Cryolipolysis + 1 session of shock waves
1.340€ 800€ 400€
The repetition of a session in the same area is 200 euro. (only 100 if it is paid in the first consultation)