What is a tattoo made of?

Tattoos are drawings in our skin made with ink. This ink has by different particles of carbon (Graphitte) or other metal for lively colours like Cadmium (yellow), Mercury (red) or Cobalt (blue).

Why is it so difficult to eliminate a tattoo?

The particles making these inks are absorbed by a certain type of cells called Langerhans cells that live in the dermis at about 1 to 2 mm deep. Destroying these cells is very difficult and requires very high temperatures.

How can I eliminate a tattoo?

The only way to get rid of a tattoo without leaving a scar is with a Laser called Q-switch. This laser gives very short and strong pulses of light that heat specifically the small particles of ink without damaging the rest of the skin.

How many sessions are necessary to eliminate a tattoo?

Several sessions are required to eliminate a tattoo. Usually a black tattoo requires less sessions (between 4 and 8 to eliminate 90%) and coloured tattoo require more sessions.

How is a laser treatment done?

Patients have to apply a thick layer of EMLA CREAM an hour before treatment covered by a plastic film. Treatment sessions are very short, around minutes. Treated areas look purple or ‘bruising’ for several days during which sun avoidance and some ointments should be applied on.


Eliminate tattoos           250€ 605€