Un nuevo concepto
del ácido hilaurónico:
rellenar para levantar
ANTES DESPUÉS Relleno de labios
ácido hilaurónico
2ml Perfectha Deep


A new concept of the use of fillers has been developed by Dr De Felipe: “Fill in” in order to “Lift” or induce new collagen. Dr De Felipe is considered as one of the main world experts in the use of Hyaluronic acid and his technique is taught in many countries from Japan to Ecuador, Russia, Ukraine, Sweden or Poland. His presence in international meetings is very much demanded.


Dr De Felipe has created a unique method to solve the problems of injecting fillers called LIQUID LIFT. He has taught this method in more than 27 countries and meetings from Johannesburg (DASIL meeting 2014) to Stockholm (2009, 2010, 2011), Tokyo (2011) or Rio de Janeiro (2014):

No needles are used, only cannulas (blunt needles)

  • Less pain
  • Less bruising
  • Less risk of damaging nerves.
  • Only one point of entry or injection is used to reach many parts of the face in a more natural way.

Only one point of entry is used

  • Less painful
  • Less skin trauma
  • With only one point of entry many different parts of the skin are reached obtaining a more natural result.

Hyaluronic filler is blended with tumescent anesthesia

  • More confort
  • Nodules or lumps after the treatment are avoided
  • This method helps in distributing evenly all the product like the waves do with sand.

The natural anatomy of the face is our guideline

  • To reduce the nasolabial fold, some filler is injected in the cheek to pull the skin backwards.
  • When addressing the lips, not only the border is treated so that the “duck mouth” is avoided.
  • When treating the eye trough, product is spread to avoid lumps.


Face, neck, arms, buttocks, abdomen, legs…


We can choose among different brands and types of hyaluronic: Perfectha, Fine-Lines, Complement, Derm, Deep, Subskin…

1 vial (0,8ml)
Eye trough, nose, lips
2 vials (2ml)
Cheeks, nasolabial folds, jawline, forehead
3 vials (3ml)
Cheeks, nasolabial fold
4 vials (4 – 6ml)
Face minilift
8 vials (8ml)
Complete face Liquid Lift (over 50 years old)