• Acne has been treated with antibiotics thinking it is an infection, but it’s not.
  • It is a problem of obstruction where too much sebum cannot be drained by our pores.
  • We recommend CHEMICAL PEELS or MICRODERMABRASION to reduce obstruction.
  • We recommend LOW LEVEL LASER THERAPY to kill bacteria inside the skin.
  • We use LASER PRODEEP and ISOTRETINOIN for reducing oils and avoiding relapses of acne in the future.


  • Make a consultation on our lasers. There are special prices for young patients.


  • You can start with soft AZZALURE or other products to prevent wrinkles from developing with time.
  • You can prevent the destruction of collagen with our FACIAL REJUVENATION PROGRAM in which you will be doing: LASER, PEELING,  PRP and MESOTHERAPY