Relax but not paralyze:
We suppport the idea
that muscles
still move
Patas de gallo

Relax wrinkles


Despite the NTBA is very safe, a correct technique will offer very natural results. What are the key factors for a correct procedure? Here we show them to you:

Relax not paralyze

The injection of Vistabel or Azzalure has to be very superficial to avoid deep muscles. Doses have to be very mild in order to RELAX wrinkles but not to STOP movements.

Choose our points very carefully

Secondly, choosing the points of injection is key not to produce unwanted effects. We almost never inject under the equator of the eye to avoid an increase in the Tear Trough.

Elevate the tail of the eyebrow

To elevate the tail of the eyebrow, several units of Vistabel or Azzalure are injected at the edge of the eybrow.

Medium thirds

If we want to elevate the whole eyebrow, several units of Vistabel or Azzalure are injected closer to the center of the face.

The lateral parts of the forehead

To avoid too much elevation of the eyebrow, some units of Vistabel or Azzalure are injected laterally on the forehead.

Expressive patients

The other points are used to relax the wrinkles. Two months later we clearly move our muscles. We want to have less winkles but still move the face and express emotions.


See a treatment


Vistabel or Azzalure are applied on the following areas: forehead, glabella, crow’s feet, neck and excess sweating in the armpit or hands.

Azzalure / Bocoture
1 area 205€
2 areas 305€
3 areas 405€
Sweating armpit 405€
Sweating hands 605€

Consultation price, 50€, is included in the treatment if it is done on the same day.